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As a world-renowned formulator, Jon Barron created his own powerful formulas for himself and his wife, Kristen, for many years because they could not find supplements that did not compromise the amount of active ingredients or the quality of the ingredient source. In 2003, a team of health aficionados asked to bring his personal products to market. They formed the company Baseline Nutritionals ®. Now, for over a decade, thousands of men and women in over 40 countries have renewed their health with these miraculous formulas.

The use of a proprietary process discovered by Jon Barron makes his herbal tinctures 50-100% stronger than any other comparable products in the world. Together we scour the world for the highest quality, organic,
wild-crafted, and USP grade ingredients. When it comes to the efficacy of our products and your
health, compromise is NOT an option.

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Herbal Ingredients

99% of the herbs used by American companies do not come from the US. They are imported from Eastern Europe and from many third-world countries such as India, China, and Mexico.

Unfortunately, these countries use large amounts of insecticides and pesticides in the growing of their herbs. DDT is still commonly used in Asia and Mexico, whereas organo-phosphate nerve-gas based insecticides are commonly used throughout Eastern Europe.

Jon Barron works hand-in-hand with Baseline Nutritionals ® to ensure that all of our herbal ingredients are the highest quality organic and wild-crafted ingredients in the world. They cost more, but it's worth the difference.


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