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Liquid Minerals

Due to dead top soil and poorly designed nutritional supplements, many lack daily trace minerals in their diet. Replenish your diet and help optimize your body's pH with Baseline Nutritionals' ® Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals -- liquid minerals that easily add to water, juice, or soup!

Liquid Trace Minerals to Raise Body pH:

  • Provides a full complement of the trace minerals your body needs with over 330 mg of magnesium per serving
  • Natural source of electrolytes – add our liquid minerals to any drink after a work-out
  • Help absorb nutrients in foods and alkalinize the body's pH
  • Actually changes the molecular structure of water to maximize its hydrating power and penetrate every cell in your body
  • Makes water more refreshing
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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 tablespoon (1/2 ounce)
All vegetarian formula  
Container Size 16 ounces
Click on ingredients below for more information Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
A proprietary blend of
Catalyst Altered Water   N/A*
Great Salt Lake Trace Minerals   N/A*

* Daily value not established

Since the benefits of using Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals goes far beyond the liquid-trace minerals themselves, such as into the very ability of the concentrate to change the structure of all the water you drink, it is best to add them to all of the water or juice you consume during the day. Fortunately, the concentrate actually improves the taste of water, giving it a slightly sweet, mineralized, mountain-stream kind of flavor. One ounce of concentrate trace minerals will catalyze an entire gallon of water.*

Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals Instructions

Refrigerate these liquid trace minerals after opening.

Take 1 tbs (1/2 fl ounce) of Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals daily, mixed in 8 glasses (1/2 gal) of water.

That's 1 teaspoon per 24 oz ice tea glass, or 22 drops in each 8 oz glass of water. May also be mixed with juice.

In case of over-active bowels, build dosage slowly.

Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals Frequently Asked Questions

I am already taking a daily mineral supplement, should I take your liquid minerals too? What is the difference?

Most mineral supplements include the major minerals (minerals required in milligrams per day) such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc. that doctors have set daily requirements for. Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals ™, on the other hand, provide the 72 trace minerals (minerals required in micrograms) that doctors have not set daily requirements for and that are missing from most foods and supplements -- and yet, as doctors are now just learning, are equally important to good health. In addition, this supplement contains a healthy dose of magnesium -- a major mineral that is often underrepresented in most health supplements.

Your liquid minerals come from the Great Salt Lake. Will there be too much sodium in your liquid trace minerals?

The sodium has been removed from Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals ™. There is less than 6 mg of sodium in an entire day's dose. That's less than one percent of your daily requirement for sodium.

When I use the Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals ™, the water turns cloudy. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal. The product isn't clear; it is cloudy.

I like the purity of distilled water, but heard it leaches minerals from the body. Can your liquid minerals help with this?

Distilled water, by definition, has no mineral content. For years there has been much debate as to whether that's good or bad. "Distilleries" claim that demineralized water is more natural-like rainwater and glacier water-and that minerals in the water end up in your joints. The argument against distillers is that most animals drink water that has had contact with the ground and acquired a high mineral content. Prime examples are the high mineral water of the Hunzas and the coral calcium water of the islands off of Okinawa-two areas renowned for the age and health of their inhabitants. Either way, if you drink distilled water, you should supplement with an abundant supply of minerals and yes, our Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals ™ will solve all the concerns mentioned above.

Can mineral water lead to joint deposits?

Studies have proven that the calcium which deposits in joints comes from inside the body-leached from your own bones because of too much acid in your diet. Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals ™, on the other hand, helps alkalinize the body's pH.

How do Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals™ raise my body's pH?

Regular consumption of Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals ™ can help raise pH. It is important to note that Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals ™ do not raise the pH of the water they are added to. They do, however, raise the pH of the body itself by neutralizing excess acid in body fluids and tissues, converting that acid into salts, and then passing those salts out of the body in the urine.

I see that Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals ™ contains traces of Fluoride, Radon, Lead, and Arsenic. Is this healthy?

It is important to understand that virtually all food contains small amounts of toxic elements. Just as good elements are pulled out of the soil and become part of the plant, so too are the bad elements. There is no avoiding it. Bananas and rice, for example, tend to be relatively high in aluminum. The key is that, in most cases, they are in such small amounts in our food that they do not affect our health negatively. It only becomes a problem when considered cumulatively. That is: you get the toxic elements in small amounts in your food, in your water, in the air you breathe, in your toothpaste, in your amalgam fillings, etc. The bottom line is that any way you can reduce your exposure will have long term benefits for your health. The simple fact is that the percentage of toxic elements in Great Salt Lake minerals is extremely low and will contribute minimally to
the toxic load in your body. In other words, the benefits far, far outweigh the negatives.

Are the Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals™ bottles BPA free?

Yes, they are HDPE plastic.

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Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals Ingredients

Below you will find a list and description of all of the ingredients featured in this health supplement.

Catalyst Altered Water

Catalyst altered water has been electrically altered by the addition of the micelle catalyst so that it no longer clumps together. The rigid tetrahedral structure of the water breaks apart so that the water flows much more easily in and out of cells – readily carrying trace minerals and nutrients into the cells, and waste out.

Micelle is an extremely small, high-energy particle with a powerful negative magnetic field. As already mentioned, when added to ordinary water, it causes a change in the structure of that water. The molecular structure is altered from the very stable tetrahedron structure into chains of water molecules attracted to the colloidal micelle by strong electrostatic bonds.

A simple way of explaining this is to say that CAW is a more efficient form of water. When consumed regularly, CAW can help in the absorption and assimilation of all nutrients (not just minerals), increase enzyme activity, and strengthen the immune system. And in addition to all of those benefits, regular consumption of CAW helps rid the body of toxins and wastes. It also works as an extraordinary free radical scavenger and helps reduce inflammation -- throughout the body.

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Great Salt Lake Trace Minerals

The best, most balanced, concentrated source of essential elements for our bodies is seawater. The purest, most concentrated seawater in the world comes from the Great Salt Lake. (Note: 99.5% of the sodium has been removed)

Nutritional Breakdown
Minerals % USRDA
Magnesium - 337 mg 83%
Chloride - 918 mg **
Sulfate - 101 mg **
Potassium - 6.8 mg **
Sodium - 6 mg **
Lithium - 1 mg **

Because of the trace minerals, this ingredient is naturally preserved and contains no bacterial growth. The minerals do not lose potency over time. Minor crystallization may occur, but does not affect this dietary supplement.

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The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Neither the ingredients nor the product discussed on this page are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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