Contact Information for Customer Questions or Returns


Baseline Nutritionals is closed – WE DO NOT HAVE ANY PRODUCTS LEFT FOR SALE

Customer Support will ONLY respond to the following three questions:

  1. Questions regarding how to use the products.
  2. Questions regarding an order placed.
  3. Shipping or tracking questions or issues.

For other questions please see below for the answers:

Q: Where can I find alternative products to the ones Baseline Nutritionals made?
A: Jon created formulas that he could not readily find in the marketplace. We don’t know of any alternative products for the ones we sold.

Q: My company is interested in acquiring Baseline Nutritionals. Whom should I contact?
A: To see the requirements for purchasing Baseline Nutritionals, Click Here. The contact name will be provided there. Please do not contact us unless your company matches the qualifications stated on that page.