Introduction to Our Labels


GMP Seal

The seal states that the product has been manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility. cGMP stands for current Good Manufacturing Practice. It is the standard that the FDA requires all nutritional companies to adhere to. cGMP regulates and guarantees standards for everything from ingredient sourcing to manufacturing to validating the final formula. Surprisingly, most nutritional companies still do not follow cGMP. We do—and proudly declare so on every label.

ISO Heavy Metal Testing Seal

Baseline Nutritionals tests every batch of product for a number of things as required by cGMP, but we go beyond the requirements by testing for heavy metals. At Baseline Nutritionals, we run every batch of every product through testing with third-party labs that are ISO Accredited for testing heavy metals; and they must also be GMP compliant in order to properly test dietary supplements. That's the best you can do, and we now proudly display that fact on every label! It costs more to run the tests through these labs, but your peace of mind is worth it!

Graphic Images

Jon Barron was the one who decided that these images should go on every bottle. He thought they would serve two key purposes.

  1. Jon and Kristen Barron obviously have all Baseline Nutritionals’ products on their shelves. Over time, Jon began to notice that when all the labels look the same, all the bottles look alike. Even when you’re in a hurry, you have to read the product names on every bottle until you find the product you’re looking for. By adding a unique image to each bottle, Jon made each bottle instantly identifiable, without having to read the labels.
  2. By using images, Jon could effectively communicate what the product does and when to use it in a way that we could not state with words on the label.
  3. And a third purpose became apparent after the fact: they just plain look cool.

We hope you enjoy them. Also, in the next three emails, we’re going to take a little time to explain exactly what each image means and why it was used to represent a particular product. In most cases, why an image was used is probably obvious. But in some cases, maybe not so much. And we thought you’d get a kick out of understanding exactly why Jon chose each image.

So, until the next email, enjoy the labels.