Blood Support Reviews

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Review by Sturart A. 10/10/16

Strong stuff.

Review by Aldona 8/30/14

The quality of my life has improved since I discovered your website. I buy some of your products and I wish I could afford to buy them all. In the last six months you have made me feel five years younger. In the last few months you have given me the knowledge to fix myself. You have given me hope.

Review by Casey T. 7/18/12

I could barely get past the taste, but I know its doing a good job of cleaning my blood, it has to with that flavor. I will use it again in the future, just glad that it's only every 6 months I need to use.

Review by Penny 12/7/11

My name is Penny, and I was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer in September of 2008. I had surgery done at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on September 15th.

Since I am a Canadian citizen I went back to Canada to get my treatments. Needless to say I was completely shocked to find out the only treatment offered in Canada is full dose chemotherapy - and that means chemotherapy with NO testing to find out which chemo drugs are appropriate for your particular cancer and no testing to find out how you react to that toxic treatment.

So I began my search to find an alternative treatment that was effective in killing the cancer cells but not killing me in the process. I am now in Scottsdale, AZ taking treatment known as IPT - which is a targeted low dose chemo treatment that works to build your immune system while targeting and killing the cancer. They use tumor markers to find out how much cancer is in your system.

Two weeks ago I found Baseline products and started taking the Blood Support, Immunify, Metal Magic, and Colon Corrective. My tumor marker has dropped 11 points or 40%. It went from 38 two weeks ago to 27 today. The average range for normal is 30-65 so I am now officially below normal. Of course I need to stay on target with my treatments but I can tell you for sure that I will be continuing the Baseline Nutritionals products as well. I am telling everyone about your products. Thanks so much for the boost of confidence and hope.

Review by Craig C. 10/9/10

Wow. Your Blood Support formula is amazing. I used it basically as a stand-alone treatment for 25 days. I fasted for four of those days (not consecutive), and on those days only had water and the tincture. My PSA dropped 15% over that time period! That is a miracle. I have used much more expensive treatments that were far less effective. This is a very potent product.

Review by Noah 12/2/09

Thanks again for everything, you and Baseline Nutritionals have truly exceeded my wildest expectations and your customer service is first class and second to none. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to our continued relationship. I can't wait to recommend BN to everyone. Thanks again and all the very best always.

Review by Matt H. 12/22/07

i just wanted to let you know my which i believe incredible story!!

I recently purchased 2 bottles of your blood support because i had a bad mold outbreak this summer in my basement and i wanted a detox as i had chronic sinusitis and excess mucus. well i also happen to have HPV with my only symptoms were few random canker sores in my mouth, and a weird excessive skin growth on my lower lip that i would have to shave down 2x weekly as to hide it that ive had for 3+ years. I'm an aspiring naturopath myself and follow a very strict diet, exercise, all the above. I ingest high grade Green tea, coconut oil, chyawanprash, garlic, ginger, cloves, selenium, injectable curcumin and injectable resveratrol with the only benefit i can conclude with the previous list of supplements being fewer cancer sores due to drinking GT. Well after 3 weeks of blood support i notice my lip growth was completely gone, looked normal for the first time in 3+ years and i have had no canker sores!! in my honest opinion i believe that product killed the virus and is the best therapy I've ever taken!! Very potent.

Thanks to you and your great products and all you do for health freedom.

Review by Jewel W. 10/23/06

Hi and Kudos for Jon Barron's Blood Support.

I wanted to express my thanks for your wonderful health supplements. Also to tell of a personal experience in the use of Blood Support.

For several years I had a recurring painful cyst on my back. I did not want an MD or surgeon cutting around on my body as I had a really bad experience of that years ago. I ordered the Blood Support and started taking it -- also was taking pHi-Zymes. Within 3 weeks of this routine, that monster cyst pushed up into a big mound, erupted and shed some really foul material. Then it started shrinking and was no longer sensitive. Now I have a tiny half moon scar but no longer have any sign of that monster cyst.

I’d like to express my sincere thanks.