Digestive Enzymes Reviews

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Review by Ruth 7/1/19

After using so many products, I had my doubts about trying one more. But after reading about the ingredients and Jon's work, I felt it worth a try. After using Digestive Enzymes for several weeks, this is the only product that not only worked, but if I forget to take it, I regret it soon after. I had my gall bladder removed in 1995 but was not given any advice on diet except to avoid high fat foods. Over the years I had more surgeries, and lost about 45% of my colon. Now with Stage IV Neuroendocrine Cancer (Diagnosed 5 years ago) and monthly drug injections to control the tumors which can't be removed, nausea, cramps and more are a daily scourge. But this product has brought immense relief, IF I remember to take it with meals. That's getting a lot easier. I'm buying several bottles to have in several places so it's easier to remember! I am immensely grateful for this product!!!

Review by Jessica 11/26/18

Have really been through a long series of trial-and-error with enzyme supplementation - and several brands, besides one $2500/month prescription enzyme - while dealing with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. (Hoping the KGP Flush helps with that soon.)

These enzymes are great! I can now eat some foods I couldn't touch before. And, while I still add Lypo Gold to the mix when I'm consuming much fat, I am feeling much better.

Finally, I want to thank Jon - and everyone who works on this site - for finally providing the info nobody - no GI specialist, nobody - could give me before: If you're without your gallbladder, you may need (besides enzymes) to add bile.

Thank you for the great product

Review by Greg 2/27/18

Indigestion gone! Super product!

Review by Romantic 12/6/16

I'm on my second purchase of this product. I had read in a scientific journal that, as we age, we lose digestive enzymes, which of course make digestion more difficult. I searched and searched for a product that wasn't mostly filler and finally settled on this. Despite my skepticism, I took one with each meal (that I considered "heavy"). Well, there must be something to it, because the bloated, full, gassy, uncomfortable feeling that used to accompany my eating a steak completely disappeared. I don't know if it's this product alone, or the fact that I take it in conjunction with a Probiotic, but whichever it is, I will continue using it/them because it works.

Review by MB3 11/30/16

These have been very effective digestive enzymes for me thus far.

-Vegan (therefore Vegetarian, of course)
-Fairly High Potency
-No junk fillers and binders and garbage additives that impede health
-Non-proprietary formulation, meaning you know what dosage of each enzyme it contains,
-They really seem to be effective and work for me, which is saying something as, despite eating well most of my adult life, I have Crohn's and other autoimmune issues due to too many rounds of antibiotics and other medical bungling as a child, so I have a lot to contend with and sometimes I really need the extra help of supplemental enzymes to digest food and have bowel movements

-Very expensive, even compared to other high end enzymes (both proprietary and non-proprietary; by the likes of Enzymedica and a few others I have used over the years)... The cost of this has had me skimping on digestive enzymes more than I should, which really doesn't help me

Although these are working well with me, I am probably going to test out a different company (Allegany Nutrition) when I go to reorder digestive enzymes (very soon), as I have found the Allegany Nutrition HP270V product contains higher doses of many of the enzymes (though a slightly different profile) and it also a lot cheaper too, it is less than half the cost of Baseline's per capsule/ dose, when ordering the larger bottle (although the upfront cost is a good bit more). The cost of Baseline's product is about 70 cents a cap (shipping factored in, about 60 cents without shipping), while the ones from Allegany Nutrition are about 30 cents a cap, when purchasing the 270 count bottle for $79.95 on amazon. Both are vegan and do not contain fillers and useless garbage, both are high potency, both are not proprietary formulas. If the other product doesn't work out for me, I am still uncertain what I will use next,as the cost of this one is prohibitively high for me, unfortunately, for the amount I need to take.

Review by Robin 9/24/13

These digestive enzymes are the best I've ever tried. I have SIBO with extreme acid reflux, the worst I've ever had. Every time acid strikes I just take 2 of these jewels and immediate relief! Now if I could just remember to take them before eating food that is problematic it would be all the better. However these enzymes work even taking after meals. Amazing product, thank you so much!

Review by Shelley K. 5/5/14

Excellent product. Works very well for me. I reorder consistently. Thanks so much

Review by Barb 8/20/12

if you need em - this stuff works. BE SURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS

Review by Janet C. 1/8/12

II had heartburn for ten years until my sister in law introduced me to the Digestive Enzymes. She thought they may help me after reading an article Jon Barron wrote called Overview of the Digestive System. I read through the series as well and decided to give them a try. I took them with a meal that was sure to give me heart burn and to my happiness and surprise I didn’t get it. Now I take them with every meal!

Review by Tara R. 11/11/11

I finally can eat starchy carbs after 7 years not being able to. I had my 2nd child and I'm not sure what happened but all I know is I wasn't able to eat them. It's like my body couldn't digest them. After finally realizing I'm ok with carbs just not starchy carbs and researching I found that there's a special enzyme that helps the digestion process then I googled and found your company. The enzymes worked immediately. Thank you!!

Review by Travis N. 10/14/08

In today's world, there is almost no option but to partake in yoga or breath work exercises. I've been using the Digestive Enzymes, Phi-Zymes, Immunify, and Super Viragon along with Private Reserve Superfood for over 4 years now. Along with good air and water filtration systems, sickness has become obsolete. Baseline Nutritionals is, without question, the finest health-based company in the world.

Review by Anonymous 10/14/08

This product has really helped me with my almost constant heartburn. I will be buying again! Thank you.

Review by Anonymous 8/5/07

Great product!

Review by Sally B. 5/10/07

Not really noticing anything different, pretty expensive for nothing notable to claim

Review by Juan A. 3/13/06

I've always had upset stomach and problems and bloating. And then someone introduced me to the Digestive Enzymes, and I couldn't believe how they calmed my stomach down. That was years ago, and I've been taking them ever since. I'm familiar with all of Jon Barron's products and I think they are awesome, but the Digestive Enzymes are a life saver for me. I don't leave home without them!

Review by James T. 12/24/04

These Digestive Enzymes really help. Before, I used to get indigestion all the time, but now I have no problems at all. I can't get along without these Digestive Enzymest!

Review by T. Ludtke 5/14/04

I took a chance and it worked out! I am very sensitive to almost all supplements, causes migraines or stomach upset. Digestive Enzymes by Baseline are PERFECT!! Everything that was stated about these products were TRUE. No fillers, etc. I am looking to buy other products by them as well.