Essential Relief Reviews

NOTE: These testimonials were received via email. They reflect the real life experience of someone who used Baseline Nutritionals' products. However, they represent individual results, and results do vary. We do not claim these are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products.

Review by Dave B 4/3/18

My neck feels great now. I applied 3-4 drops on my fingers and applied to the sore area of my neck and felt Essential Relief start working literally 30 seconds or so after. I will definitely recommend this all to my athletic friends and family members.

Review by Sue B. 10/14'16

It worked very quickly. But the smell is very strong.

Review by Dale J. 10/28/14

consistently have muscle strain in my left shoulder up through my neck. Historically, the only thing that would provide even short-term relief was to have a deep-tissue massage. The Essential Relief pain oil is awesome. I only have to use it occasionally (once to twice a week) to receive relief from pain! By the way, did I say the product was AWESOME?!?

Review by Heiko R. 7/21/14

I just came back from a canoe trip in northern Canada, and since we wanted to carry very little, I only took your digestive enzymes, antioxidant, and Essential Relief. I took the Essential Relief for potential pain and for insect bites (based on comments from some of your subscribers telling how it helped with insect bites). It sure did work on the mosquitoes and black flies bites! But I also got a bad cold sore, and since Essential Relief was all I had, I decided to try it. Not only did it treat that uncomfortable swelling and pain feeling, but the cold sore was gone in 2 days!! Yeah!

Review by Clara S. 1/4/14

I've had four neck surgeries and have severe neck and shoulder pain. I put some of this on and it took the stiffness and pain away within minutes. Works better than most crèmes I've tried!

Review by Hilma C. 5/25/13

I recommend this product as an alternative to using Ibuprofen for sore muscles. I am quite active in both my job and at home and I found relief from soreness after extensive activity!

Review by Kahn 11/21/12

I have used traditional Chinese medicine for more than twenty years and know the feet, hands, and ears have nerve endings that correspond to many parts of the body. I experimented with a drop of Essential Relief lightly rubbed into pressure points on my feet and felt an over-all sense of relaxation almost immediately.

Review by Marty O. 10/13/12

I severed my Achilles tendon in 1999 during a sporting accident. When it healed I had a large lump that stiffened and was chronically painful. I tried massage, topicals, stretching, and painkillers without relief. After applying two drops of Essential Relief, I was able to walk 38 blocks without the least amount of pain. Thanks Jon!

Review by Coregon 11/25/11

I have used this oil for severe joint pain for some years now. It's the only thing that works to give me relief. It is NOT just another topical soothing oil. The difference is the DMSO..a carrier oil that rapidly takes all the other ingredients deep INTO the joints and muscles and gives you long lasting and IMMEDIATE RELIEF to your pain. You might think $35 is too much for this small bottle, but you will want more and pay it gladly when you run out. And it only takes a couple drops, so a bottle lasts me at least 6 months. I am not affiliated with this company in any way..except as a loyal and repeat customer of this product.

Review by Nick W. 6/19/11

The Essential relief is amazing. Very effective for spot massage for neck/shoulders, joints and sore tendons.

Review by Howard R. 5/28/11

I have a rather unusual testimonial for Essential Relief. A few days ago I was outside and got a couple of mosquito bites. When I went into the house the Essential Relief was sitting on the bar and I just picked it up and touched the tip of the bottle to the places - one I had scratched and the other I hadn't. The one I had scratched burned a little but did quit itching and did still show a place a while later. However, the one I had not scratched did not burn and within seconds stopped itching! Later I could not even find where the place had been. Then yesterday, I was over at my mother-in-law's just before dark and the mosquitoes literally attacked me. I went into the house and my mother-in-law counted over twenty-five bites. Now with the allergies I have this would normally have made me very ill, but she picked up her bottle of Essential Relief and put just a touch on each bite. By the time I had walked from her house to my pickup to go home, every bite had quit itching. Within a short time, I couldn't see where I'd been bitten. I never had any ill effects of the poison from the bites. I don't know about anywhere else in the country, but in Oklahoma some of our mosquitoes are nearly as big as honey bees. I think Louisiana is the only place I have seen them bigger, and there it only takes a couple of mosquitoes to carry you back to their nest, or whatever, so they can eat you alive.

We may have a totally different use for this wonderful product.

Review by Elre L. 1/30/11

I had a kink in my neck so I used Essential Relief oil. I loved it! When I applied it for the first time, I felt a warming sensation. Within a half hour, I was already feeling a release of stiffness and in two days it was gone. Thank you!

Review by Anonymous 2/19/10

Very good plan to order again

Review by Marilyn N. 1/4/10

Worked well on my still sore shoulder blade. Pain was gone within half an hour. I applied Essential Relief pain oil on my lower back which ached upon awakening in the morning. Pain disappeared within a few minutes. What a relief! (Essential Relief is an appropriate name!)

Review by Kevin B. 6/28/09

If you want relief from pain, without having to take pills, this is the product for you. I have a lot of muscle pains and stiffness and Essential Relief brought the relief I needed so I could sleep at night.

Review by Marshall 4/21/09

Awhile back I had pinched my sciatic nerve and during the time I was getting that fixed, I really aggravated my hip somehow. My sciatic was fixed, but my hip was still giving me issues. That hip was diagnosed with arthritis previously, but now it was really messed up. Essential Relief smells OK, and is easy to apply. I can tell you that the results are nearly immediate. They are long-lasting, and above all – they are effective. Make no mistake – this oil gives you some deep, intense heat.

Review by Fern P. 4/14/09

I suffer from debilitating pain in my hip and leg. Some days, after walking, is nearly impossible. After trying Essential Relief, I was able to enjoy a pain free day. Thanks for making this product.