Ever Young Reviews

NOTE: These testimonials were received via email. They reflect the real life experience of someone who used Baseline Nutritionals' products. However, they represent individual results, and results do vary. We do not claim these are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products.

Review by Charles 6/11/19

Along with the other Baseline Nutritionals supplements I use, this provides me with the heart support I need. Excellent product!

I also use Phi-Zymes, men's formula, deep tissue oil, and digestive enzymes.

Review by Toyloria 6/10/19

I've been taking Ever Young for several months now. At first, I wasn't sure if I felt any different. But one day I woke up bright and early, alert and rested, and very noticeably "clear headed." I don't know when exactly it happened but taking the Ever Young consistently had finally taken effect! Whereas I normally dreaded going to my workouts, I actually started feeling an extraordinary amount of energy, which made me anticipate my workouts. Everyone in the gym has noticed a difference in me, and have commented on how consistently my strength and stamina have improved. I'm trying to get my husband to start taking them because he's noticed a difference in me as well. I highly recommend them if you feel "just okay" and you would like to experience a more youthful amount of energy and overall vitality in your life.

Review by m 6/10/19

Ever Young is part of my daily routine, also includes a morning blueberry smoothie using Private Reserve Superfood and also Glucotor as a daily regular.

I think Jon Barron is really on his game (listen to his videos), the combination of these products really helps me feel younger. I can feel the difference in the gym (oxygen transfer feels better), with how I sleep, and just an overall sense of well being. If I come off them for a couple of weeks I can feel the slump.

Highly recommended.

Review by Joshua 6/4/19

My wife and I both take two pills daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. I have noticed that I sleep better since I have been on it, and my sleep patterns are disrupted on nights I miss it.

My wife struggled with narcolepsy for years before starting on Ever Young. Since she has started taking it regularly the amount of time she struggles with uncontrollable sleep urges has drastically reduced.

Review by NANCY 6/3/19

I've taken Ever Young for several years now. I began with only one capsule per day, and even with that small dosage, saw a marked difference in my memory and ability to finish a sentence fluidly, instead of reaching for my next word! Now I take 2 capsules per day and continue to see improvements. I'll be 73 this July 2019 and am happy that I've found this superb product.

Review by Angela Davis 5/30/19

I have been using the active ingredients in Ever Young for years but I was buying the ingredients separately before finding these products in one supplement with Jon Barron’s formula. So much easier and more economical to have these powerhouse ingredients all in one supplement.
I have been fooling people with my age for years and hope to continue to. I fooled my husband the first time we dated and now we are married. He is 20 years younger than me and he hopes to keep up with me.

Yes, you have to eat the right foods, exercise, and keep stress low but the addition of Ever Young to my life has truly been a valuable addition to assist in keeping me young from the inside out.

Review by Jessica 5/17/19

Been taking 4-6 of these daily for a few months now and can definitely see the spots fading. Now, if only the wrinkles would go away...

Thank you, Jon Barron!

Review by Joyce 8/12/17

I decided to give this supplement a try after reading the reviews and Jon Baron's newsletter. When the bottle of supplements arrived I started taking four a day vs the six recommended. I wanted to see how my body would react to them before I started taking them in the evening. It has only been about a week but I am already starting to feel more energy. I don't think I will have any trouble sleeping so will go ahead and start adding in the other two tablets in the evening. So with that change I hurried up and got my second order in so it will be on its way.

I have been having chronic fatigue symptoms. Took a new "desk" job which is significantly different than the physically demanding job I previously had. So I have found myself sitting all day at a desk and then too tired at night to do anything so sitting around until its time to go to bed. I'm 68 but have been pretty active up until this year. If I can even maintain the level of energy I have now, it will be a significant difference from what I had before I started taking the supplements. Thank you baseline nutritionals.

Review by Matt M. 8/12/15

2008 was a very successful year for me on the mountain bike racing front and I can attribute a major role in my success to my use of Baseline Nutritionals products. I did a colon cleanse and liver detox in early 2008 and experienced good health all year from the beginning of my season at the end of March until the last race in September and beyond to now. Equally important is the fact that I didn’t experience my usual drop in performance at some stage during the season due to fatigue or burnout even though I did a career high of 20 events.

During the season I was consistent in my use of Private Reserve Superfood™, Accelerator™, Men’s Formula™, Digestive Enzymes™, Ultimate Antioxidant™, Probiotics™, pHi-Zymes™, Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals™, and, more recently, Ever Young™. I was receiving massage therapy during this time also and was using the Essential Relief™ oil. When I felt the need I also made use of Super ViraGon®, Warp Speed®, and Immunify™. I was also able to sample the Triple Jointed™ formula.

In 2008 I was able to achieve my fifth consecutive West Virginia State championship in the 45+ expert category and take the overall WV Point Series Championship as well. What made this year different is that I was unbeaten in my class in WV from the beginning of July, 2007 until September, 2008. The main difference from that time period and the previous four years was the use of Baseline products during the winning streak.

Other highlights of 2008 were the First Place in the Virginia State Championship Series (three races) in the 40-49 expert class and a seventh place finish, in my last year in the 45-49 class, at the National Championships.

I am really “hooked” on all the products and several of my friends are now ordering them on a regular and irregular basis.

Review by Kirsten 4/8/14

I think the product keeps brown spots away I had two in my face very faint though; but they never materialized and I take three pills three times per day and I love it.

Thank you, Kirsten

Review by L. Sorge 5/29/07

I love Ever Young because it enables my body to recover from intense work outs. I notice when if I do not take it that I get sore especially after a leg workout. I have been lifting for almost 30 yrs. now; I am 53 and still compete in figure contests and prior to that took many overall body building contests.

Review by Chris J. 3/19/07

Another email from our resident bodybuilder, Chris J in AZ. Chris keeps testing the limits of our products.

I decided to do a little experiment. I have been taking the Ever Young consistently as directed for about a month now. I decided to stop taking it for a week just to see what it was like without it. I'm shocked... I'm sore as heck the next day after every workout, I feel somewhat groggy and not as able/energized at the gym either. I think this has to do with the fact that my recovery times have gone back to where they were before Ever Young. I guess it makes sense since I'm really pushing myself at the gym lifting all the weight I do.

I just wanted you to know this because I thought it was pretty mind blowing how well this stuff works! I started taking it again today because I need my recovery back but sometimes I like to do things like this with different supplements just to document how I am affected when I'm on them versus when I'm not on them.
Once again... An AMAZING product!

Review by George 8/1/05

For a few years I have been taking Baseline Nutritionals products, Ever Young and Ultimate Antioxidant. A short time ago, I was in the branch of a bank I rarely use. They did not recognize me and insisted I provide ID. I did. The ID I produced gave my age. The person behind the counter was surprised at my real age! That may be a tribute to the Ever Young. Or perhaps the bank clerk was just being polite.

Review by D. Saunders 8/21/04

I've used Jon's products since the late '90s. I have never, ever,ever found comparable quality and excellence of products , not ANYWHERE in the world! I am 56 and look, I am told, like I'm 30, I keep up at work alongside 18 year olds with no diminished energy or stamina. My colleagues are always amazed, saying it's my genes. It is not, I give 90% credit to the targeted formulas of Jon Barron! Read his book "Lessons From the Miracle Doctors, found here on Amazon and for free at Baseline Nutritionals and JonBarron.org