Glucotor Reviews

NOTE: These testimonials were received via email. They reflect the real life experience of someone who used Baseline Nutritionals' products. However, they represent individual results, and results do vary. We do not claim these are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products.

Review by Michael 5/17/19

I've been taking Glucotor v.2 for a number of years, and that will never change, my blood sugar levels have stayed the same for as long as I've been taking it. This is a great supplement.

Review by Tamara 5/14/19

In taking V2, it felt as though I had something helping me to digest the food I ate better. My body felt lighter and not as though it was working over time. I also was not as hungry and had time in between my meals to choose more wisely instead of grabbing something quickly because my body needed energy. I like the sustainability of the V2.

Review by Roy 8/19/17

Just had my a1c checked and for the first time in years it has dropped from 5.9 to 5.6. Just take 2 capsules a day to get this result. Excellent product and good value for money.

Review by Ingrid 5/9/17

My sugars are high, so the doctor put me on Metformin-which worked great for about a year. Then I was crashing harder than ever. I shifted my diet AS IF I were diabetic--which I am not--I eat smaller meals more often throughout the day AND I quit metformin and take GLUCOTOR v.2 instead. I feel better than ever because I made diet changes, I exercise more and I take my daily Glucotor v.2

Review by Pamela 3/20/17

For me this does help with the energy drops I use to get after eating and that is worth it alone. My husband who is a quadriplegic has what we call sugar crashes like once or twice a week and have no idea why. So far he has not had one since using this product, a week and a half now. I pray it keeps working. The doctors do not have any idea what to do for him. I have to let him drink a mountain dew which he takes down in one swallow. If he does not get the sugar fast into his system he gets dizzy ,extremely sick feeling and looses all energy to the point of not being able to even speak.

Review by Wayne L. 8/8/16

I am impressed with Glucotor! I have changed my diet and exercising more. As a result, my health has improved 10 fold.

Review by MIldred G. 4/17/16

My husband is a diabetic, but the medications he was on weren't working for him. He'd wake up in the morning, and his levels would be at 160 to 180, and sometimes even at 200. Nothing we tried was working for him. But now that he's been on Glucotor that seems to be working. Sunday morning his level was down to 106, and it's been like that ever since. It's wonderful for us. This is exciting!

Review by KJ 1/11/16

I have used this product for several years now and I cannot say enough good about it. What one needs to know is that to get the best benefit from this product, one has to open the capsule and empty the contents in your mouth. Now if you are not used to ayurvedic herbs like this, this may take some getting used to. I am quite used to it and it gives a tremendous relief from my high blood sugar levels. Thus this works well for me. One is supposed to do this before eating something that will elevate the blood sugar. I have done this when I have to take cough drops that elevate my blood sugar. However, most of the time I do it after - as I do not realize the whatever is going to raise my blood sugar - and this works as well for me as I can feel as soon as my blood sugar starts to get high and I take one right away.

Review by James H. 2/15/15

I'm having good results with Glucotor. I've been taking other products on the market, but Glucotor is doing a much better job. When I started taking Glucotor, my numbers ranged from around 100-110 first thing in the morning. But now, they're down to 70-80. These are very positive results, and I'm very happy with Glucotor. Jon Barron, I really like your products!

Review by Gloria M. 11/29/14

I've been taking Glucotor for only 4 days now, and already it's keeping my blood sugar levels in check. It's gone from an average of 133 down to 98. I've tried other herbal supplements, but nothing's as good as Glucotor!

Review by Ann A. 7/12/14

After 5 weeks on the Glucotor, Ultimate Antioxidant, & Ever Young, I am feeling wonderful, and these supplements have solved a decade-long problem for me. I've been insulin-dependent for 37 years now, and in the past decade have had high morning sugars no matter how I adjusted my insulin, or eating times. Nothing worked but guess the past couple weeks, my morning sugars are NORMAL--115 this morning! I am thrilled with this result. Throughout the day as well, the tests are showing normal results. I'm still taking insulin, but it's working better, and I take less than I did before starting the supplements.
I am also more energetic. Previously, NOTHING could make me interested in housework, but I've become a mopping, vacuuming, maniac. Ha! Not quite, but seriously, I am getting more done, I want to do more, and I'm feeling fabulous.

Thank you for finally helping me find an answer to a very dangerous situation for me. God bless you!

Review by Jim F. 3/11/14

Didn’t notice any results

Review by Patricia 5/29/13

I will buy this again

Review by Nancy L. 2/5/13

Great Item. Great Seller. My health is going better and better. Thank you.

Review by Marie C. 11/21/12

My husband has been a diabetic now for three years, and has been struggling with his blood sugar levels. When he started on Glucotor he had an ulcer from the other meds he was taking, and also pain in his foot. Just a couple of weeks later, he feels much better, and the pain is gone from his foot and the ulcer has healed. His level has dropped to 141. My husband feels much better after being on the Glucotor.

Review by Gail L. 7/27/12

I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic because my blood glucose test results were creeping up past 108. I learned about Glucotor v.2 from my family and I started taking it every day, but only with my morning and evening meals. About nine months later, I had my second test and my blood glucose level dropped to 84. My doctor was astonished to find out that I hadn’t changed my diet or exercise level, I just took Glucotor v.2! He said ‘Well, I don’t understand, but whatever you are doing, keep it up!’ Thank you Baseline Nutritionals for taking away the fear of becoming diabetic!

Review by Joel M. 9/10/11

Six months ago I started on your product Glucotor v.2. Yesterday I went to my doctor for a check up. My A1C (lower case C) was 6.0 down from 8.4 last year. Overall cholesterol was 185. I take no prescription drugs. The doctor said he could not believe the results. Blood pressure was normal, chest x-ray was fine and blood sugar was fantastic.

You may use this letter as testimonial for others. Your product does work, and I am more than pleased.

Review by Levone R. 7/25/11

I'm really seeing an improvement in my blood sugar levels now that I'm taking Glucotor. Last week my reading was 174, and today it's down to 147. Glucotor is making a big difference!

Review by Anonymous 1/2/11

My husband uses this product for lowering his glucose. It works great for lowering his blood sugar.

Review by R. Kemp 10/20/10

Not as good as was touted.

Review by Malia B. 3/28/10

I just love the Accelerator™ and the Glucotor® v2. I've had lots of problems with fatigue and keeping my energy levels up. The Accelerator™ gives me more energy, and the Glucotor regulates my blood sugar. These products are really helping me.

Review by Sybil C. 6/24/09

I'm a real bad diabetic, and decided to try Glucotor. Since I've been taking it, I'm already seeing my blood sugar readings drop 30-40 points below what they were before taking Glucotor.

Review by Michael R. 1/23/09

I can't believe it! I've been taking Glucotor for only three days, and already it's lowering my blood sugar levels. It's always ranged in the upper 100's to 200's, but by the third day taking Glucotor it's way down. This is really good, and I'm ordering more so I don't run out.

Review by Sunny A. 7/13/08

I used this product along with other Baseline products and after one bottle went back to the doctor for blood tests. My numbers were much much better - Not sure if it was the other products of this one - but i know this was part of that result -

Review by Ray J. 8/12/07

I do wish to order more of your Glucotor v.2. It has been a good thing and has brought my sugar count down very quickly!! My average morning count was near 200 and the evening count was an average around 170. Now my average morning count is 120 to 141. I haven't been taking the evening count and don`t always take my afternoon meds of metformin and glyburide.

Have been feeling very good thank you very much.

Review by Teriba 4/19/07

I AM ONLY GIVING THIS A 3 STAR UNTIL I HAVE AT LEAST 3 MONTHS TO DETERMINE HOW EFFECTIVE THIS PRODUCT IS. I consider this a costly investment. I have not used pharmaceuticals in 6 years. I have been trying to rebuild my health with organic, no GMO diet and swimming. I was told for years I was borderline diabetic. I have found it next to impossible to lose weight, I believe this product could be the key. I will give it a thorough review after 3 months. I am seeing small improvements already, such as elimination after every small meal, a little more energy and although I eliminated white sugar in my pantry years ago, I find I’m not craving sweets like I do at certain times.

Review by BettY B. 3/26/06

It's helping! I've been taking Glucotor for only a week, and already my blood sugar levels have dropped significantly. I'm a nurse, and I know there are too many side effects with pharmaceutical drugs, and I don't want to take them! I'm really pleased with the results I'm already getting with Glucotor, and look forward to it getting even better.

Review by Sandra S. 9/14/04

have been on several various medications for diabetes. Still, my blood sugar level was always over 200, and I was going crazy because the doctor said I was facing having to go on insulin. I even saw an endocrinologist who just put me on a whole bunch of other pills. This was all very discouraging. But then I found Glucotor, and even though I've only been on it for ten days, my blood sugar hasn't risen above 150! I am very happy and excited about Glucotor. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

Review by Tina R. 4/5/04

Didn't work for me.

Review by Anonymous 1/12/04

This product when used as directed really does help reduce my blood sugar numbers. I would highly recommend it.