Intestinal Detox Maintenance Package Ingredients



Phase 1 of full body detox

Our Intestinal Cleansing Pack includes everything you need for a maintenance intestinal cleanse at a discounted price. The pack contains:

This intestinal cleansing and heavy metal detox package is highly recommended. The Colon Regenerator™ absorbs toxins off the colon wall, from within bowel pockets, and even from the intestinal tissue itself but if used by itself, it can cause constipation. Colon Corrective™ helps create soothing movement to eliminate constipation so you can have a thorough colon detox with minimal cramping and gas. Metal Magic® nutritionally supports your body's ability to cleanse itself of unwanted elements, and when combined with the colon detox products, which remove heavy metals from the intestinal walls, you can increase the effectiveness of overall heavy metal elimination. We also include a copy of Jon Barron's classic book, "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors" (2008 Softcover Edition) because it contains a complete explanation of the cleanses and detoxes that this intestinal product package addresses. If you already have a copy, you can use this copy as a gift to share with someone you love.

** Note: the 2 bottles of Metal Magic® in this pack are enough for a 10-day maintenance detox. If this is your first heavy metal detox, you may want to order an additional 4 bottles of Metal Magic® for a complete 30-day initial heavy metal cleanse.*

NOTE:  Domestic Shipping Only - cannot ship Colon Corrective™ or the Detox Packs outside the US