Metal Magic FAQ


Are any of your products Kosher?

Yes. The products that are Kosher are: Blood Support, Liver Flush Tea, Metal Magic, Warp Speed, Men’s Formula, Women’s Formula, Immunify, and Nutribody Protein.

Can children take Metal Magic?

Our products are formulated for adults 18 and over, and in general we do not recommend them for use by children. You would need to check with your child’s physician about whether or not this is an appropriate product for them.

Do you have an Allergen statement?

This product is not manufactured with milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts or soy. It is produced in a GMP facility that processes some of these allergens. As part of GMP, quality procedures to prevent cross contamination and allergen contamination include separate warehousing, special air handling systems, physical separators, robust cleaning procedures, residue testing after cleaning, equipment surface swabs, etc. The standard operating procedures ensure compliance with current FDA guidelines and requirements for allergen control.

Is there any harm in continuing the Metal Magic® Heavy Metal Detox past the 30 days?

After an initial cleanse of 30-days, a 10-day heavy metal detox every 6 months should be enough to keep you in good shape - unless you eat a lot of high-mercury fish, or have more than a few amalgam fillings, in which case every 2 months is advisable. Incidentally, you do not want to use a chelation-type formula every day. Your body actually needs small amounts of some heavy metals

Will Metal Magic dissolve the metal fillings in my teeth and affect my dental work?

No. Metal Magic will not affect your dental work or any artificial implants in your body.

Is Metal Magic safe for someone who is pregnant?

Metal Magic as is true of most detox formulas, is not recommended while pregnant because it may temporarily release toxins into the bloodstream, which can then make their way to the fetus.

My Metal Magic dropper isn't working; it doesn't draw liquid from the bottle.

Tiny bits of chlorella and/or cilantro can make their way into the Metal Magic during manufacturing. That means you will often see bits of the ingredients in the bottle, not just clear liquid. These ingredient bits can also settle in the dropper causing a blockage. To remove the blockage, first try shaking the bottle thoroughly. If that doesn't work, try using a toothpick or a needle to clear the matter from the tip of the dropper. And if clearing the dropper does not work, then you can measure the liquid needed (1 dropper equals1/4 tsp).

Is the Chlorella in Metal Magic absolutely free from any metals and other contaminants?

Our chlorella is grown in a liquid nutrient medium made from purified water and toxin-free nutrient chemicals, including trace elements.

I would like to order Metal Magic, but I am gluten-intolerant. Is the grain alcohol used in this formula gluten-free?

There is no gluten in the alcohol. Alcohol is made through a distillation process. Gluten protein, a solid, is not distilled with the alcohol.

I don't know how much Metal Magic to take. Should I be taking four drops, or four droppers full?

The proper amount of Metal Magic to take is four droppers full, three times a day. A droppers full is equal to 1 ml.

Is the chlorella in Metal Magic the vulgaris variety?

No. The chlorella in the Metal Magic is the pyrenoidosa variety.

Is vanillin an ingredient in the Metal Magic?

There are only three ingredients in the Metal Magix: Cilantro, Chlorella and the Black Fulvic Acid. No vanillin flavoring has been added. Beyond their core structures, both humic and fulvic acid incorporate other molecules into their structure such as protocatechuic acid, vanillic acid, vanillin, resorcinol, ferulic acid, benzoic acid, and other similarly structured polyphenols resulting from the breakdown of the structural lignans in plant cell walls. To sum up: vanillin is a natural part of the Black Fulvic Acid, not an added flavoring. 

What type of Chlorella do you use in the Metal Magic?

We use a Certified Organic Chlorella from a producer in Taiwan. The botanical name for ours is Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. It is the cleanest chlorella we have been able to find anywhere in the world.

Will Metal Magic remove other metals such as cadmium, nickel and arsenic?

Metal Magic removes heavy metals which would include things like cadmium, nickel and arsenic.

Pertaining to the instructions, how much is a 'dropper' or 'dropperful'?

One dropper equals 1 ml, as marked on the dropper.

I can't use your tinctures because they have alcohol in them, what should I do?

You can eliminate most of the alcohol in the tinctures by adding the tincture dose to some warm water. As the water cools most of the alcohol will evaporate.

Should I take this supplement between meals or with food? Will it be more effective if taken on an empty stomach?

The tincture is not necessarily more effective on an empty stomach, but absorption into the bloodstream will be much faster if taken without food.

Is the chlorella in your products "broken cell wall" chlorella?

Yes, the Chlorella in the Private Reserve Superfood™ and Metal Magic™ is "broken cell wall" chlorella.