pHi-Zymes Reviews

NOTE: These testimonials were received via email. They reflect the real life experience of someone who used Baseline Nutritionals' products. However, they represent individual results, and results do vary. We do not claim these are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products.

Review by Jo-Ann 5/21/19

I was scheduled for open heart surgery in 2018 and underwent all the pre-testing for the operation. The heart cath showed that I was clean and did not need further diagnostics or treatment for that. I still had to undergo the repair on my tricuspid valve and an oblation. I had been taking pHi-Zymes for a long time prior to the heart cath and that, along with a clean lifestyle kept my blood vessels clear. Now a year after surgery, I am still on pHi-Zymes which I use to address blood issues. I do not take blood thinners; the medical community is quite upset about my decision to use pHi-Zymes but I stand on my convictions. The cardiologist said that I am doing well and does not need to see me for another year. I still have afib and will continue my quest to be afib free with the help of God and the excellent products of Baseline Nutritionals. Thank you Jon this formula.

Review by Janet 12/12/16

fast shipping... herbal supplements effect everyone differently. Go to your doctor and get approval. If you take this, per doctor's advise, it will work. Every body is different and has different voids to fill in. If this is a void for you, it's packaged well, ships fast and its a good price! #Livehealthy

Review by Therese 11/7/16

In the summer of 2015 I developed very bad pain on both sides of my sacroiliac joints through to my hips and the top of my legs. This made it very painful to sit or move, let alone walk. Believing it to be a muscle in that region, I was started on physical therapy. Physical therapy only made it worse to the point that they stopped all treatments other than some light massage and had me using a TNS unit and a sacroiliac, belt both of which helped a bit, but the pain continued.. In search of something that would control this problem and the pain, I stumbled across this product, pHi-Zymes and decided to try it. The first dose made a difference and the second a huge one. This product controlled the pain and inflammation and I was able to stop using the TNS unit and the acute pain went away. Finally learned that I have some arthritis in one side in my sacroiliac and hip joints (the side opposite the majority of the debilitating pain) and when it flares up, taking this helps it to calm down very quickly. Highly recommend this product.

Review by John W. 5/19/16

I have been taking your pHi-Zymes enzymes for about a year now, and in that time my pitting edema of the lower legs has gone into remission. I breathe easier at night through my nose, hard fleshy objects just beneath my skin of my right leg have disappeared and my dental hygienists says I have less calculus on the teeth. When a superficial thrombosis appeared near my knew, I upped my capsules ad it disappeared in 10 days. Great product!! I attribute these improvements in my health to your enzyme product.

Review by TA Fox 1/24/16

I get GREAT sleep. Wasn't bad b4, but now what a difference. I can't say whether it's cleaning anything up on the inside yet.

Review by Norman P. 1/15/16

I am more than delighted to add myself to the list of Phi-Zymes users who have experienced dental benefits. Admittedly,I started on Phi-Zymes, April 4th 2012 to be exact,for the athletic/cardiovascular benefits that it promised,but sort of by coincidence I was way overdue on my dental appointment.I just hate the rough feeling on my teeth that not even a change of toothbrush can affect.Anyways,in well under two weeks(and that's really stretching it)my teeth were as smooth as any dentist visit I've ever had.It's kinda ironic that what's supposed to be a'minor beneficial side-effect'has in my case turned out to be the most immediate one.And a powerful one at that.Although I know the entire product is working systemically,at this point I can only speak with total clarity on the teeth benefits.The effects are just too overwhelming.Hopefully I can quantify my overall benefits at a later date.

Review by Travis N. 2/26/15

In today's world, there is almost no option but to partake in yoga or breath work exercises. I've been using the Digestive Enzymes, Phi-Zymes, Immunify, and Super Viragon along with Private Reserve Superfood for over 4 years now. Along with good air and water filtration systems, sickness has become obsolete. Baseline Nutritionals is, without question, the finest health-based company in the world.

Review by Ron B. 12/17/14

I've been taking the Phi-Zymes for about a month now, and this is the best I've felt in years! I'm 54 years old and I have renewed energy! I have tendonitis in my legs, and haven't been able to exercise much. My energy was decreasing and the pain was increasing. I could exercise on my stationary bike for only 3-4 minutes at a time. But now, since taking the Phi-Zymes, I'm up to 20 minutes! I used to live on Ibuprofen, but I haven't had to take one in a month! I'm a very happy customer! You have a lifer on your hands

Review by William D. 8/22/14

Thank you for all your help.  I have had the Proteolytic enzymes now for a month, and I can definitely attest that something worked wonders on my recovery after work outs!  I really did nothing extra except to take the enzymes and the Ever Young, but I am pain free from the stiffness around my hips and lower back. No stretching was able to do what the supplement or the combination of supplements achieved.  I am very convinced

Review by Larry P. 4/24/14

hen I had the Flu a year ago in August I experienced the achey muscles part to the max. And they continued long after the other symptoms finally subsided. It was painful to move my legs getting in or out of a car. A squat position was out of the question. In October I told my MD that I needed either a fix or a handicapped placard. He said to until the end of the year and then see him if it didn’t go away. I was already trying PT and various supplements and common sense measures. Then I read about muscle ache as possibly helped by pHi-Zymes. It worked! Inside of 6 weeks the aching was gone and I was feeling more flexible and more energetic. It seems it was the silver bullet for this condition for me

Review by Carmen 8/20/13

A friend recently turned me on to Jon Barron and lent me her copy of his Lessons from Miracle Doctors. Of course I immediately started taking proteolytic enzymes and what a difference! By chance I started taking them on day 3 of my period, and was having considerable discomfort and bloating. Those little enzymes resolved everything in no time! I've tried so many supplements and cure-alls before and never experienced anything so quick and noticeable.

Review by S. Robin 2/14/12

I love, love these enzymes. Good quality and very effective. These systemic enzymes also have a big bonus **teeth protective enzyme (nattokinase) which dissolves the plaque on my teeth. So as long as I take these enzymes on a daily basis I have observed a considerable reduction in plaque and bacteria in my mouth. I take 3 per day, I'm sure the other enzymes in this product are very good quality as they go directly to the bloodstream and clean up the blood.

Review by Rosemarie V.L. 10/27/11

Hi all at Baseline Nutritionals. My son brought me a large container of Proteolytic Enzymes, when he came home in March. I just like to report that my sinus has improved drastically and I thank you for a wonderful product.

Review by Margaret P. 5/22/11

Last spring was the worst allergy/asthma season for me. My symptoms progressed to the point that I was vomiting at work and was forced to go on leave. My allergies and asthma have worsened every year since moving to Sacramento in 1995. This spring after further testing I found out I was allergic to molds, trees, weeds, grasses, dust mites, animal dander and several foods. My symptoms also made me more sensitive to other environmental irritants with resultant increasing chemical sensitivities limiting my ability to do my job as a nurse practitioner due to perfume exposures. Desperate to get off the anti-histamines that made me just want to sleep and frustrated with the time that needs to be put in to go through the series of allergy shots which were no guarantee, I started researching several alternative products on the market. One of the products I purchased was pHi-Zymes from Baseline Nutritionals. After trying some of the other products I purchased and not getting very noticeable results, I stopped them and tried the pHi-Zymes alone. I noticed that on first on-set with sneezing spell or itching from a substance I most likely ate, I would ingest one capsule with almost immediate gradual reduction in histamine release. After about five minutes the itching and sneezing completely stopped and did not progress to any of my usual symptoms of throat tightening and difficulty breathing. I am so ecstatic that I have found a life saving alternative to antihistamines. My chemical sensitivities are also lessening with the allergies under control. Thank you Baseline Nutritionals for such a quality product. As a business owner and consultant of Healing Arts Services (, I will be recommending this product to all my clients who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Review by Anonymous 2/11/10

Has been helping with scare tissue under the scars. They are not so pronounced.

Review by Leigh C. 8/16/09

I'm 45 years old, and have been an Iron Man Triathlete for five years. I've been looking for something that will give me that 'extra spark', like I had back when I was twenty. Since taking the pHi-Zymes, I've noticed that my muscles aren't as sore as they used to be between workouts. And I feel better. Before taking pHi-Zymes I'd feel tired and couldn't recover as quickly. These really work, and I know I'm on my way to getting that twenty-year-old extra spark back again

Review by Lyn S. 12/9/08

I have MS -- the relapsing-remitting kind. We've lived in this same house for 10 years now, and you can practically count on the fingers of one hand how many times I've been able to leave home in that time. Up until just a few days ago, my 24 hour routine was spent going from the bed to the bathroom. That was it. My husband had to do everything for me. I was totally helpless. I decided to give Baseline Nutritionals a try. I started with the Proteolytic Enzymes [pHi-Zymes™] two weeks ago, and then began the Colon Detox three days ago. If somebody had told me what was going to happen after that, I never would have believed it. My strength is returning. I'm walking around the house now. I can go to the kitchen and fix my own juices in the morning. I'm in less pain and haven't had to take pain medications for the last three days. There are far less spasms and tremors, and I'm sleeping wonderfully. That terrible fatigue is actually letting up. I've actually been able to leave the house twice since starting on the Enzymes and went to a two hour meeting Sunday and had no tremors or spasms. Please tell Jon Barron I said, ‘Thank You’.

Review by Matt M. 7/1/08

2008 was a very successful year for me on the mountain bike racing front and I can attribute a major role in my success to my use of Baseline Nutritionals products. I did a colon cleanse and liver detox in early 2008 and experienced good health all year from the beginning of my season at the end of March until the last race in September and beyond to now. Equally important is the fact that I didn’t experience my usual drop in performance at some stage during the season due to fatigue or burnout even though I did a career high of 20 events.
During the season I was consistent in my use of Private Reserve Superfood™, Accelerator™, Men’s Formula™, Digestive Enzymes™, Ultimate Antioxidant™, Probiotics™, pHi-Zymes™, Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals™, and, more recently, Ever Young™. I was receiving massage therapy during this time also and was using the Essential Relief™ oil. When I felt the need I also made use of Super ViraGon®, Warp Speed®, and Immunify™. I was also able to sample the Triple Jointed™ formula. In 2008 I was able to achieve my fifth consecutive West Virginia State championship in the 45+ expert category and take the overall WV Point Series Championship as well. What made this year different is that I was unbeaten in my class in WV from the beginning of July, 2007 until September, 2008. The main difference from that time period and the previous four years was the use of Baseline products during the winning streak. Other highlights of 2008 were the First Place in the Virginia State Championship Series (three races) in the 40-49 expert class and a seventh place finish, in my last year in the 45-49 class, at the National Championships. I am really “hooked” on all the products and several of my friends are now ordering them on a regular and irregular basis.

Review by Candy G. 4/3/08

I wanted to let you know that pHi-Zymes stopped my gums from bleeding. (I just ordered another bottle.) And that Triple Jointed stopped my shoulder pain that I had for over a month!!

Review by Barbare E. 2/3/08

I have been using your Proteolytic Enzymes since the end of 2003. At the time, both of my thumbs were pretty much disabled due to an accident in which one of my thumbs was crushed by a door causing a “trigger thumb.” The other thumb had developed what the Doctor described as a Mucosoid Ganglion Cyst right below the first joint. The cyst was the size of a marble, clear and you could see gel inside. The Doctor told me it was a precursor to arthritis; he wanted to remove it immediately. He explained if I knocked the top off of it the resulting infection could cause me to lose my finger or my entire hand. Between the two thumbs I was in a lot of pain, often staying up half the night with the cyst which caused an aching and burning sensation. When I did knock the top off the cyst I would put colloidal silver on it to stop an infection. I lived with these conditions for 2 years. Then I started taking your Proteolytic Enzymes. The “trigger thumb” lost the pain quickly. 3 months later it was back to the way it had looked before the accident. The cyst on the other thumb began to recede. Through the 9 months, it reduced to pea size and then disappeared! There should be a scar but I can see no trace of one now. I was also in a lot of pain from no cartilage in my left knee, but within a few days of taking the Proteolytics, I was free from most of the pain. Since I was supposed to have a total knee replacement, I can live with a little discomfort. (No operations for me!) I do not have to pull myself up the stairs with my arms anymore and can clean my house again. My 20 years of back pain from two herniated discs has also been much reduced. My quality of life has been greatly enhanced with the use of your products

Review by John W. 1/27/08

I just have to make this comment about my experience with Phizymes. For as long as I can remember, I have had trouble with my ears plugging up when I fly, and my right ear in particular will stay plugged for two or three days. I travel weekly, so I've just gotten use to using it. I also have bilateral pulsatile tinnitus to go along with the rest of my ear problems. On my last two trips, an amazing thing has happened. My ears did not plug up, cleared gradually on decent, and completely by the time the plane pulled up to the gate. That's four flights! In addition, my tinnitus has taken some kind of turn, it sounds different, and is milder - sometimes I have to stop and think to see if it's still there. I did not buy this product for my ears - this is an unexpected blessing. By the way, I'm taking three capsules when I get up in the morning, and three capsules an hour or so before dinner - usually around five PM. Will probably settle down to the recommended maintenance dose in a couple more weeks.

Review by Dan S. 10/29/07

This item arrived on time in perfect condition and is an excellent addition to my nutritional program. I would buy it again.

Review by Elenea H. 10/8/07

I think this is going to be an ongoing experiment. I think it definitely works better when you take it on an empty stomach and wait an hour before eating. I am very happy with the way it shipped and how quickly it came, and I will definitely post again if I feel it is making a huge difference.

Review by Galina & Peter B. 2/13/06

Last August my husband was diagnosed with an aortic valve problem, i.e. scarring and calcification due to a bout with endocarditis 34 years ago and also a genetic bicuspid valve. His echocardiogram showed a .8 centimeter measurement of the valve. Five years previously, the echocardiogram measured the area as 2 cm. Basically, he was .3 cm. away from open heart surgery and valve replacement. Frantically searching the internet, I came across your patented enzyme product [pHi-Zymes™] and immediately ordered it. As we live in Bali, it was quite a feat for our friends to get it to us. He started taking it religiously along with COQ10 and other vitamins. Yesterday, after four months, he had his 3rd echo...the doctor here in Perth (where we are presently) was surprised to find his aortic measurement to be 1.1. We are overjoyed.

Review by S. Robin 12/3/05

Very good combination of proteolytic enzymes. Updated review: The nattokinase enzymes really do clean the plaque off my teeth. These enzymes have helped me so much with chronic health issues and the challenge of trying to avoid fillings. Thank you for this product, much appreciated!

Review by Heiko R. 7/17/05

After about a year of taking your Proteolytic Enzymes my wife and I were curious about their possible good effects on our blood. We heard of a Naturopathic Doctor in the area who had a Dark Field Microscope, so we made an appointment to see her. After taking blood samples she proceeded to look at them with the Microscope. She was amazed by what she saw. Apparently as we age our cells lose their round, healthy shape and can appear in most people to be diagonal and oddly shaped. Our cells were unusually healthy looking. (We are in our sixties.) She said they looked bright and were smooth and round! She immediately wanted to know what we were taking, we gave her the bottle of Proteolytic Enzymes. She indicated she was very interested in taking them herself! Needless to say we were very appreciative of the results of the Dark Field Microscope testing and we continue taking the Proteolytics.

Thank you!

Review by Tracy R. 3/21/05

My son who is 21 years old is free of allergies for the first time in his life! The dentist also commented repeatedly on how great his gums and teeth look. I purchased the pHi-Zymes, in order to give him the ability to recover more quickly from Division 1 college athletics! Well it has really exceeded our expectations

Review by Gary S. 12/21/04

I take pHi-Zymes all the time now, and I've noticed a real change in the way they make me feel. These are subtle changes that make me feel 'balanced out' in a positive way. I've also noticed that I recover faster after doing heavy exercise. And another thing is that I've always had challenges with my dental health. Since taking the pHi-Zymes, I've noticed there is no build up of plaque on my teeth! This product is the highest quality of anything else I order, and I'll keep on taking them

Review by Adrian G. 11/23/04

Holy sweet jeebus, those pHi-Zymes are amazing. I haven't needed a single break between weight lifting and I've only been taking six a day. Actual, real live muscle tone! I haven't had that since I was twenty!

Review by Pam C. 5/3/04

I've taken other enzymes before, but these pHi-Zymes are definitely a better product, and they work! I've had several injuries over the years, and the first thing I noticed is that I have much less back pain and less pain in my knees. I will recommend these pHi-Zymes to a lot of other people.

Review by Mary W. 3/20/04

I didn’t notice a faster recovery time after my workouts, but I did notice I could breathe easier.