Triple Jointed Reviews

NOTE: These testimonials were received via email. They reflect the real life experience of someone who used Baseline Nutritionals' products. However, they represent individual results, and results do vary. We do not claim these are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products.

Review by jim 12/4/17

After 4 years of hip pain and a final diagnosis of severe osteoarthritis of the right hip I was told I would need a hip replacement. I've always been a health nut and paid close attention to what I ate and the supplements I took. I tried this product and within a short time my pain is mostly gone and I would say at least an 85% improvement in my hip. I feel I no longer need surgery at this time. Absolutely a great product.

Review by tnbeelady 10/28/17

I bought this for my husband, age 66. His right knee was giving him so much pain, he went into the doctor who said he needed half of a knee replacement. Only half because of his heart condition!! I got him started on TJ in May and within weeks the pain had lessened. He is at a point now where he only needs pain meds once a week. Especially when he works on hard surfaces like concrete. He loves to tinker in his shop and TJ has given him time to do the things he loves. The knee replacement is on hold!!

Review by Noah 5/31/16

Thanks again for everything, you and Baseline Nutritionals have truly exceeded my wildest expectations and your customer service is first class and second to none. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to our continued relationship. I can't wait to recommend BN to everyone. Thanks again and all the very best always.

Review by June B. 7/30/11

I bought Triple Jointed for my husband who is 86 years old. He has had a lot of trouble with his left knee and hip, but after being on Triple Jointed for only 5 days, his pain and discomfort are easing. Jon Barron has come up with a marvelous product. Triple Jointed is producing wonderful results!

Review by Candy G. 10/19/08

I wanted to let you know that pHi-Zymes stopped my gums from bleeding. (I just ordered another bottle.) And that Triple Jointed stopped my shoulder pain that I had for over a month!!

Review by Sheila S. 10/9/08

Please thank Jon for the amazing relief I have experienced with the arthritis in my feet after taking Triple Jointed. I was so amazed that I have found something which enables me to walk without pain, so thank you so much.

Review by Sandra H. 8/14/07

I have major back issues, and I've been putting off having disc replacements now for two years since I started taking Triple Jointed. I'm an active person, and I know this product has sustained me, supported my joints and slowed any decline.

Review by Anonymous 7/3/04

So far I haven't noticed any difference.

Review by Jane K. 3/24/04

I've had problems with my right knee and the pain just wouldn't let up until I started taking Triple Jointed. The intense pain is completely gone now, and has given me much needed relief. It's great stuff! I will always take Jon Barron's products because I trust him. I know he believes in what he does.