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Kidney Detox, Blood Cleansing & Liver Detoxification Products

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A complete kidney detox, blood cleansing and liver detoxification pack for optimum health and wellness. Baseline Nutritionals'® Kidney/Liver/Gallbladder/Blood Detox Pack includes KGP Flush® for kidney health, Liver Flush Tea & Liver Tincture for liver detoxification, Blood Support for blood cleansing, & Colon Corrective detox supplements.

Complete Kidney/Liver/Gallbladder/Blood Cleansing:

  • Most advanced liver, kidney, gallbladder, blood detox to help purify and rebuild these organs.
  • These natural detoxification products are highly recommended to use together when doing a liver detox since they enhance effectiveness and ease discomfort.
  • KGP Flush®It temporarily relieves symptoms due to kidney stones and gallstones such as: pain in the region of the kidneys, urinary complaints, reduced urine flow, painful urination, and reduced bile flow, as per Materia Medica.
  • Liver Flush Tea helps flush toxins from the liver and aid in soothing the discomfort or nausea sometimes associated with liver detoxification.
  • Liver Tincture with milk thistle & dandelion root offers key herbal support to help your body rebuild and regenerate your liver while helping to drive parasites from the body.
  • Blood Support with burdock root, goldenseal root, & blood root is a powerful blood and lymph cleaner.
  • Colon Corrective stimulates peristalsis (muscular movement of the colon), halts putrefaction, and heals the mucous membrane lining of colon--all necessary functions when dumping toxins from the liver to the colon.
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Baseline Nutritionals® has packaged everything you need in our special Kidney/Liver/Gallbladder/Blood Detox Pack at a special price. The pack contains:

  • 1 KGP Flush®
  • 1 Liver Flush Tea
  • 1 Liver Tincture
  • 1 Blood Support
  • 1 Colon Corrective

If you have read Jon Barron's newsletters or book, "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors", you will find that he highly recommends performing twice yearly Liver Detoxes to avoid the harmful effects of toxins and pollutants in our air, food, water, and beauty products. This detox is also even more important if you have a bad diet since rich foods, alcohol, and medications can damage the liver. This is an advanced detox, and it is highly recommended to perform the Colon Detox before you attempt the Liver Detox. You want to make sure your colon will easily pass the toxins that your liver will dump on this detox. There is also a special diet that accompanies this particular detox and you can download the daily diet chart here:

Download Daily Detox Diet Chart in PDF Format

Potassium Broth Recipe
Morning Flush Drink Recipe

Please follow all liver detox instructions found in Jon Barron's book or on this page:


Kidney & Liver Detox Instructions

For complete and thorough instructions on how to perform this liver detox please visit The Baseline of Health® Foundation's Detox Center.

Note: You will want to have done an intestinal cleansing (colon detox) before doing the gallbladder cleanse and liver detox. Why? Because when the liver and gallbladder purge, they dump into the intestinal tract through the bile duct. If the intestinal tract is not flowing smoothly, the purged bile and toxins will be reabsorbed into the bloodstream. This can lead to a cleansing reaction.

Kidney Cleanse and Liver/Gallbladder Prep Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do the Gallstone Softening Program?

One of the primary purposes of the liver detox is to flush any gallstones from your body and minimize the chances of their return. It should be noted, though, that there can be some discomfort in the process. However, you can minimize that. It is possible to significantly soften the stones before the detox so that they pass much more easily and with much less discomfort. For most people, this is not a problem, and the discomfort is very mild. But if you already have significant discomfort when eating fats, it may be advisable to think about doing the following prep program just before doing the liver detox.

If I am already taking a Diuretic, can I still do the Kidney Cleanse?

The diuretic effects of this formula may enhance the toxic effects of certain medications, such as digoxin (used to treat congestive heart failure), phenytoin (for seizures), anticoagulants, and others. For this reason, people taking prescription medications should not use KGP Flush® without first consulting a health care provider. Also, anyone with severe kidney problems should not use this formula without first consulting their physician.

Is it normal to experience gas with the recommended herbs in the Kidney Cleanse?

Some people do indeed experience gas for the first one or two days on the program. It usually passes (no pun intended) very quickly.

Why do you recommend mixing with apple juice and can I use something else?

You can use any juice you want. However, apple juice is high in malic acid which assists in dissolving and softening the waste. Make sure that you use fresh organic apple juice -- not the bottled cooked apple juice found in most supermarkets. Also, make sure you dilute the juice 50/50 with water and spread its consumption out over several days so you don't make your system overly acid.

Can I do the Kidney Detox while on any of the other detoxes?

Yes, but if you are thinking of using it as preparation for the liver/gallbladder flush to ease the passage of any gallstones, you will want to do it within 1-2 weeks of the flush.

If I do not have a gallbladder, do I still need to perform this phase of the detox?

It will obviously not matter much in terms of softening any waste in the gallbladder itself. However, it will soften any waste in the liver, which if not softened can still cause severe pain passing through the bile duct. Bottom line. Even if your gallbladder has been removed, it is highly recommended that you do the Kidney Detox before doing the liver flush.

Liver Detox, Gallbladder Flush, and Blood Cleanse Frequently Asked Questions

What is the diet I need to have while on the liver detox? For details check out the Detox Center.

It is extremely beneficial to incorporate a 2-day raw food and 3-day juice-fast into your 5-day cleanse. However, for those who can make it, a five day juice fast is the best.

I am a heavy drinker, is it a waste of time to do the liver detox?

In fact, because of the damage you have done to your liver, the liver detox is even more important for you. Just be aware the detoxification reaction may be stronger -- more headaches, etc. The liver detox can help repair much of the damage that has been inflicted on the liver by heavy drinking. Obviously, going back to drinking after the liver detox is completed starts the damage again -- but from a "higher" point.

As to drinking during the detox. If someone can't refrain from drinking during the liver detox, they probably don't have enough self-control to do the detox in the first place. In which case, regular use of a milk thistle dietary supplement will help to deflect some of the damage.

How do I avoid chunks of garlic and strands of ginger in my morning drink?

Add your garlic and ginger to the blender first. Then add just enough orange juice (or grape if that's what you're using) to cover the blades. This will allow you to totally liquify the garlic and ginger before you add the rest of the oil and orange juice and water. One other trick is to slice the chunks of ginger into thin slices across the fiber before adding to the blender. This will prevent longer fibers from appearing in your drink.

Some days I feel really tired and other days I have a natural "high." Is this normal?

Energy levels come and go during the liver detox. Some people sleep late. Some find they can't sleep as late as they normally do. And some find they need to grab a nap during the day.

Most people don't report mental detoxing, but it's probably more common than is reported. What most people do report, though, are periods of great clarity. Clarity of the senses (smell and vision tend to become incredibly sharp), and clarity of the mind (during the periods of up energy).

What other symptoms may I expect?

There are three distinct categories of Cleansing Reactions:

  • When any cleansing program causes a large scale die-off of bacteria, a significant amount of endotoxins (toxins within the bacteria itself) are released into the body. The more bacteria present, and the stronger their endotoxins, the stronger the cleansing reaction.

  • When any detox causes the organs of the body (particularly the liver, which is a storehouse of drug and poison residues) to release their stored poisons and toxins, a cleansing reaction may occur.

  • Any program, such as fasting or the use of weight loss herbs which cause a rapid breakdown of fat cells (which are a storehouse for toxins), can be accompanied by a detox reaction.

The healing crisis will usually bring about past conditions in whatever order the body is capable of handling at that time. People often forget the diseases or injuries they have had in the past, but are usually reminded during the crisis. Reactions may include: increased joint or muscle pain, headaches, diarrhea, extreme fatigue and/or its opposite, sleeplessness, nausea, sinus congestion, fever (usually low grade) and/or chills, frequent urination and/or urinary tract discharges, drop in blood pressure, skin eruptions, including: boils, hives, and rashes, (Note: skin eruptions are often misdiagnosed as allergic reactions, resulting in the premature cessation of the cleansing program.) and cold or flu-like symptoms.

You may think that you actually feel worse or that the cleanse is not working at all. Do not despair. These are all signs that the cleanse is working and that your body is going through the process of cleaning itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances. Such reactions are temporary and can occur immediately -- or within several days, or even several weeks, of a detox. Symptoms usually pass within 1-3 days, but on rare occasions can last several weeks.

Since this is a detox, if we use non-organic veggies does this put the chemicals back in that we are trying to squeeze out?

It's important, but not critical. It's not so much the toxins in the non-organic vegetables (there really aren't that many after they've been washed and scrubbed). It's the lessened nutritional value. Organically grown tends to have higher vitamin, mineral, and phytochemical levels which are certainly preferable.

Do we skin the potatoes for the Potassium Broth?

In fact, you ONLY use the skins from 4 large organic potatoes, do not include the meat of the potato in your broth. The skins contain all the potassium.

How much water do I use when making the Potassium Broth?

A stock pot is recommended. Fill the pot with water until it is a couple inches from the top.

Can I continue to take my regular healthy supplements during the liver detox?

In general, the recommendation is to stop using supplements during the liver detox. Since most supplements, especially vitamin formulas, have to be processed by the liver, it makes sense to just give your liver a rest during the liver detox. Exceptions include, a colon corrective formula to keep things moving and digestive enzymes with your juice or salads to facilitate digestion, and you can also use probiotics if you want.

I am Hypoglycemic/Diabetic, can I still do the liver detox?

If you're diabetic or hypoglycemic, you'll want to make a couple of adjustments.

For your morning drink, you'll want to shift away from the orange or grape juice version to more of a lemon juice drink. It will be much tarter, and you will need to dilute it more than you would the other versions.

For the fresh juice you drink during the day, you will want to tend more to diluted pure vegetable combos (avoiding beet and carrot), and back off from the fruit juice based drinks.

One other thing that might help is to use Baseline Nutritionals®' Glucotor® v.2, which will minimize the glycemic response.

How are you incorporating the lemon in the morning juice, are you blending whole lemon, peeled lemon, or lemon juice?

You can do any of the lemon options mentioned. The more of the lemon the better. But for taste and texture, fresh squeezed lemon juice is probably the best way to go on your first liver detox.

Can I use olive oil with my salad?

If you are not choosing to do the 5-day juice fast, on Days 1 and 2 of the detox you are allowed to have fresh veggie or sprout salad, with lemon juice, but no oil. On Day 5, once you have had your final morning drink, oil is not a problem. However, it is wise to wait a few hours after your morning drink to start breaking the fast gently.

I didn't notice anything on this liver detox, is that good or bad?

Congratulations, you and Jon are in the same place. He never notices anything either. On a more serious note, it may mean that your liver was not overly toxic or packed with stones, or that you only got a partial release this time. Once you've done 2-3 detoxes with no significant side effects, you can be fairly sure your liver is basically clean. But keep in mind, the reason Jon keeps doing 2 liver detoxes a year is to keep things that way.

I did not see stones in the toilet, why is that?

We have heard from many people that they have seen "horrible" things floating in the toilet. But many notice nothing. That's not unusual. In many cases the stones are too small to notice -- or too few. Also, using psyllium during the detox, which makes the elimination of waste much easier, tends to encapsulate the waste and makes things harder to see. Another thing to keep in mind is that people often confuse the little "soap" beads that the body can make out of the olive oil in the alkaline environment of the intestinal tract as stones. On the other hand, the fact the body often produces "soap stones" doesn't mean that it isn't also flushing real gallstones. In the end, though, it's not what you see, it's how you feel. Wait for a few days after the cleanse and then evaluate. Do you feel lighter and cleaner? Is your breathing a little easier, less mucousy? Does food taste better? Etc. These are the tangible results you're after. Or if nothing else, were you able to break some bad eating habits or lose some of that extra weight.

What if I can't make it through the five days?

Remember, this is not an endurance contest. If you reach a point that you feel is unbearable, listen to your body and back off. You can always do the detox again later. On the other hand, if all you're feeling is merely uncomfortable or "off," stick with it. You will come out the other side.

I don't have a gallbladder, will the liver detox still help?

Even with your gallbladder missing, you can receive major benefit from a liver detox. In most cases, removing the gallbladder doesn't actually get rid of the problem -- just the place the symptoms first show up. The problem usually is that liver function is compromised and the bile the liver produces is too thick and "sludgy" so it forms stones in the gallbladder before it can pass out through the bile duct. If you don't clean the liver out, the thickened bile will eventually "harden" and destroy areas of the liver, in much the same way it formed stones in the gallbladder.

I was wondering when it would be okay to start drinking coffee again after the detox?

In terms of the detox, when complete, you can do anything you want. In terms of health, drinking a little coffee every now and then is fine, but drinking several cups a day for the caffeine energy to make it through the day, or because it's a habit, is never a good idea.

I did the colon detox but missed the liver detox. Can I still do it or do I need to do the colon detox again?

As long as you've done the colon detox within 3-4 months of the liver detox, you're fine. You can pick up again with the kidney & liver detox.

I completed the liver detox yesterday, and feel like continuing with a liquid juice fast--not really hungry at all. Any problems with me doing that?

No problem continuing. Just remember that the longer you juice fast, the more critical it is that you break the fast properly.

Is it okay to drink purified water during the day rather than juice?

The instructions are clear in this regard. Purified water first thing in the morning in addition to diluted fresh juices, liver tea, and potassium broth throughout the day. If you don't have a juicer, you can find fresh juices at a Whole Foods market or a Jamba Juice.

I'm having a hard time keeping the Potassium Broth down. Please tell me there is an alternative. If not, how bad would it be to just skip that portion of the cleanse?

The potassium broth is important because it provides both potassium, which gets leached from the body during the liver detox and because of the high garlic content, which helps cleanse the liver and helps purge parasites from the body. Did you try flavoring the broth with Bragg's Amino Acids or if you like spicy food, some spices? Or in an emergency, try using some soy sauce. If even after doing that you can't hold the broth down, you can stop using it for the last two days of the detox. If all else fails and you absolutely cannot hold the broth down, you will have to take a potassium supplement.

With respect to an enema, is that something you buy at the drug store or is it special equipment that you need and if so where do you get that?

Yes, enema bags are available at any good drug store.

Can I eat some dried fruit on the first and last day?

It's best to stick with the fresh fruits and salads that Jon recommends - especially since most dried fruit contains added sulfur dioxide to keep it looking fresh.

I'm concerned about my energy levels during the liver detox days. I'm doing the detox for the first time and I'm not sure whether I can manage through the day with just fruit or vegetable juice. Is it fine to add some starchy foods such as banana in fruit juice for the day?

No, you don't want to do that. But keep in mind, fresh juices provide a great deal of energy. And the chlorella provides a small amount of single cell, easily digestible protein. Energy levels go up and down when detoxing -- not from lack of food, but from the effects of the detox. Keep the bowels moving, and it will be less of a problem. Also, make sure you have at least a small amount of fresh juice every hour to keep sugar levels balanced.

What are the rules for the first 3 to 5 days after the fast such as what to avoid, what to eat when, and tips?

When coming off the detox, you're trying to accomplish a couple of things. Your body will suck up whatever you put in it after the detox, so you want it to be the cleanest food you can eat for 3 days after the detox is over. You also don't want to get constipated when you suddenly start eating again, so you want to be sure your food has a lot of fiber. In general, Jon recommends starting with raw foods. That's why salads (either vegetable or fruit) are recommended on the first day. Then, if you wish, you can go to lightly steamed vegetables on the second day.

Can the Liver Flush Tea be sweetened with Stevia?

Jon suggests sweetening the tea with a little honey or maple syrup if you wish during the detox. But stevia is acceptable if you wish to use it.

Why do we have to wait until day 2 to have the potassium broth? And from day 2 on, it says to take the broth as a snack after dinner - but can this be drunk throughout the day like the tea?

You don't have to wait. You can start on day one if you wish. Jon is just trying not to overwhelm people on the first day. And yes, you can drink it throughout the day -- but don't forget to drink the tea too.

I was wondering how important the Colon Corrective is for the Liver detox? In my planning for everything, I seem to have overlooked getting it. How much will it affect the outcome of my cleanse by not using the Colon Corrective?

It's only important if you start plugging up. Without it, you'll probably have to use an enema in the morning. The cleaner you keep the colon during the detox, the better you'll feel.

I'm having a hard time getting down the morning flush because of the garlic. Is the garlic totally crucial, or can it be left out? I don't want to compromise the effectiveness, but I just about can't get it down.

Garlic plays an important role in helping purge parasites while cleaning out the liver. However, if you can't handle it, it's better to do the flush without the garlic, than not do it at all.

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