Kidney/Liver/ Gallbladder/Blood Detox Package (Phase 2 & 3 of full body detox)

A complete kidney detox, blood cleansing and liver detoxification pack for optimum health and wellness. Baseline Nutritionals'® Kidney/Liver/Gallbladder/Blood Detox Pack includes KGP Flush® for kidney health, Liver Flush Tea™ & Liver Tincture™ for liver detoxification, Blood Support™ for blood cleansing, & Colon Corrective™ to keep bowels moving.

Complete Kidney/Liver/Gallbladder/Blood Cleansing:

  • Most advanced liver, kidney, gallbladder, blood detox to help purify and rebuild these organs.
  • These natural detoxification products are highly recommended to use together when doing a liver detox since they enhance effectiveness and ease discomfort.
  • KGP Flush® It temporarily relieves symptoms due to kidney stones and gallstones such as: pain in the region of the kidneys, urinary complaints, reduced urine flow, painful urination, and reduced bile flow, as per Materia Medica.
  • Liver Flush Tea™ helps flush toxins from the liver and aid in soothing the discomfort or nausea sometimes associated with liver detoxification.
  • Liver Tincture™ with milk thistle & dandelion root offers key herbal support to help your body rebuild and regenerate your liver while helping to drive parasites from the body.
  • Blood Support™ with burdock root, goldenseal root, & blood root is a powerful blood and lymph cleaner.
  • Colon Corrective™ stimulates peristalsis (muscular movement of the colon), halts putrefaction, and heals the mucous membrane lining of colon--all necessary functions when dumping toxins from the liver to the colon.
  • Watch Video -  Liver Detox: How To Do A Liver Cleanse & Why It's Important To Health

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Kidney -Liver -Gallbladder -Blood Detox Package
Kidney/Liver/ Gallbladder/Blood Detox Package (Phase 2 & 3 of full body detox)

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    (Phase 2 & 3 of full body detox)

    Baseline Nutritionals® has packaged everything you need in our special Kidney/Liver/Gallbladder/Blood Detox Pack at a special price. The pack contains:

    If you have read Jon Barron's newsletters or book, "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors", you will find that he highly recommends performing twice yearly Liver Detoxes to avoid the harmful effects of toxins and pollutants in our air, food, water, and beauty products. This detox is also even more important if you have a bad diet since rich foods, alcohol, and medications can damage the liver. This is an advanced detox, and it is highly recommended to perform the Colon Detox before you attempt the Liver Detox. You want to make sure your colon will easily pass the toxins that your liver will dump on this detox. There is also a special diet that accompanies this particular detox and you can download the daily diet chart here:*

    Download Daily Detox Diet Chart in PDF Format

    Potassium Broth Recipe

    Morning Flush Drink Recipe

    Please follow all liver detox instructions found in Jon Barron's book or on this page:

    NOTE: Domestic Shipping Only - cannot ship Colon Corrective or the Detox Packs outside the US


    For complete and thorough instructions on how to perform this liver detox please visit The Baseline of Health® Foundation's Detox Center.

    Note: You will want to have done an intestinal cleansing (colon detox) before doing the gallbladder cleanse and liver detox. Why? Because when the liver and gallbladder purge, they dump into the intestinal tract through the bile duct. If the intestinal tract is not flowing smoothly, the purged bile and toxins will be reabsorbed into the bloodstream. This can lead to a cleansing reaction.

      Do I need to do the Gallstone Softening Program?
      If I am already taking a Diuretic, can I still do the Kidney Cleanse?
      Is it normal to experience gas with the recommended herbs in the Kidney Cleanse?
      Why do you recommend mixing KGP Flush with apple juice, can I use something else?
      Can I do the Kidney Detox while on any of the other detoxes?
      If I do not have a gallbladder, do I still need to perform phase 2 (KGP Flush) of the detox?
      What is the diet I need to have while on the liver detox?
      I am a heavy drinker, is it a waste of time to do the liver detox?
      How do I avoid chunks of garlic and strands of ginger in my morning drink?
      Some days I feel really tired and other days I have a natural "high". Is this normal?
      What other symptoms may I expect?
      If I use non-organic veggies, does this put the chemicals back in that I am trying to squeeze out?
      Do we skin the potatoes for the Potassium Broth?
      How much water do I use when making the Potassium Broth?
      Can I continue to take my regular healthy supplements during the liver detox?
      I am Hypoglycemic/Diabetic, can I still do the liver detox?
      Do I use blended whole lemon, peeled lemon or just the juice?
      Can I use olive oil with my salad?
      I didn't notice anything on this liver detox, is that good or bad?
      I did not see stones in the toilet, why is that?
      What if I can't make it through the five days?
      I don't have a gallbladder, will the liver detox still help?
      I was wondering when it would be okay to start drinking coffee again after the detox?
      I did the colon detox but missed the liver detox. Can I still do it or do I need to do the colon detox again?
      Can I continue the liquid juice fast once I've completed the Liver Detox?
      Is it okay to drink purified water during the day instead of drinking juice?
      Is there an alternative to the Potassium Broth? Can I skip it altogether?
      With respect to an enema, is that something you buy at the drug store?
      Can I eat some dried fruit on the first and last day?
      Is it okay to add some starchy foods such as banana if my energy levels are down?
      Can I use any kind of oil during the liver detox?
      Can the morning flush and the potassium broth be taken for maintenance after the detox?
      Can your Liver Tincture remove ammonia from the blood stream ?
      I keep the liver detox tea in a 2-quart pot and just add a little herbs each day. Is this okay?
      Potato skins contain toxic glycoalkaloids. Is it safe to eat a broth based on skins?
      Is it typical to experience numbness in my fingers and on the bottom of my feet?
      I want to do the colon detox and liver detox both at the same time. Can I do that?
      Is it debilitating for the body to be deprived of almost all protein for five consecutive days during the Liver Detox?
      Is it safe for me to do a liver cleanse even though I don't have a gallbladder?
      My mother is taking medication for her heart problems. Can she still do the colon and liver detox?
      After using KGP Flush, how soon can I begin liver & blood cleansing?
      Why can't Colon Corrective and the Detox Packages be shipped outside the US?
      Do I have to follow the prescribed diet or can I add light meals?
      How soon after having my morning flush drink can I have the Liver Flush Tea?
      What are the rules for the first 3 to 5 days after the fast such as what to avoid, what to eat when, and tips?
      Can the Liver Flush Tea be sweetened with Stevia?
      Why do we have to wait until day 2 to have the potassium broth? Can I drink it throughout the day?
      How important is the Colon Corrective for the Liver Detox?
      I can't stomach the garlic in the morning flush drink. Can I leave it out?
      I can't use your tinctures because they have alcohol in them, what should I do?
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