Colon Corrective™ $34.95

colon-correctivePurifying colon cleansers should soothe, heal, and detox.  Baseline Nutritionals'® Colon Corrective™ is one of the world's leading detox supplements and helps activate natural colon cleansing.

Colon Activation for Natural Colon Cleansing:

  • Lubricate, activate, cleanse entire gastro-intestinal system.
  • Stimulates peristalsis (muscular movement of the colon). 
  • Halts putrefaction & disinfects your colon.
  • Soothes and heals the mucous membrane lining of colon.
  • Use with Colon Regenerator™ as a complete colon cleanser.
  • Watch Video - Why & How To Do A Colon Detox

Colon Corrective™ helps stimulate bowel activity, improve digestive health, address gas and cramps, increase the flow of bile (which in turn cleans the gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver), destroy Candida albicans overgrowth and promote beneficial bacteria, destroy and expel intestinal parasites, and increase gastro-intestinal circulation.*

Colon Corrective™ is best used as part of our Intestinal Detox Maintenance Package, which includes Metal Magic® , a heavy metal detox, plus both colon cleansers: Colon Corrective™ and Colon Regenerator™.


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How to Use

Take one capsule of Colon Corrective™ with dinner. Increase dosage by one capsule per day until you notice a significant improvement in the way your bowel works. When using with our colon cleanser, Colon Regenerator™, you may need to increase dosage for regularity.