Warp Speed® $34.95

warp-speedRelaxed focus. Pleasure and brain energy you can feel in seconds—but without the stimulant effect you get from high caffeine drinks.

  • Can be felt in seconds
  • Relaxed brain energy to instantly counter post prandial dip or improve focus for work or study
  • Long-term brain enhancement
  • Helps put athletes in the zone
  • Feels so good, it sublimates the desire for comfort foods and even cigarettes
  • Natural stress reducer that soothes with a feeling of mental and physical well-being
  • Watch Video - Brain Boosting Herbs -- Natural Brain Focus

A couple of droppersful of Warp Speed® swished around in the mouth for a few seconds will give you instant, relaxing mental clarity, help control the desire for comfort foods, provide long-term nutritional support for smarter thinking--and it just plain feels good.*


This product was formerly available from BaselineNutitionals.net. But that site is temporarily closed. To keep up-to-date on possible future availability, CLICK HERE.


How to Use

2 droppersful of Warp Speed swished around in the mouth (and swallow) as needed.