Cleansing Formula Labels



Colon Corrective™ and Colon Regeneator

These formulas are like Laurel and Hardy. They are both similar and exact opposites at the same time. Colon Corrective is a, “Colon activation formula.” It pushes fecal matter out, like a janitor working a push-broom. In other words, it makes you poop so that after every bowel movement you say, “Wow!" Colon Regenerator (previously Colon Detoxifier), on the other hand, is used for “Intestinal purification and candida control.”  It works more like a vacuum cleaner, sucking toxins and drug residues out of the walls of your colon, while at the same time reaching deep into diverticula pockets to draw out stored fecal matter.  Check out this report to better understand what’s in each formula and how it works. And also check out this video which explains the role each formula plays when doing a colon detox. Colon Corrective and Colon Regenerator are used in Detox 1 of Jon Barron’s natural Detox Program.



Metal Magic®

Metal Magic nutritionally supports your body's ability to cleanse itself of heavy metals. It both breaks the bond heavy metals have with your body’s tissue—especially brain tissue—but then works like a magnet to capture those metals and flushing them out of your body in your urine and through your colon. Check out this report on why you want to cleanse heavy metals from your body. And then check out this video that explains why it’s so hard to get rid of them. Metal Magic is used in Detox 2 of Jon Barron’s natural Detox Program.



KGP Flush®

KGP Flush nutritionally supports your body’s efforts when dealing with urinary tract problems and kidney problems in general. The tagline on the bottle says, “For temporary relief of kidney and gallstone problems.” The image, a grouping of several, small, rough-edged stones, is indicative of that. The story of how it does that is well worth seeing. KGP Flush is used in Detox 3 of Jon Barron’s natural Detox Program.



Liver Tincture™ and Liver Flush Tea

As the Liver Tincture tagline says, “For cleansing and supporting the rebuilding of the liver.” The image of a doctor posing with, and gently supporting, a giant liver is reflective of that intent. Check out this report on the role each ingredient plays in this formula.

The label tagline for Liver Flush Tea reads, “Herbal support for the liver and gallbladder.” Since this is the only herbal tea that we carry, Jon used the image of a cup of the liver tea to represent it on the label. Check out this report on the role each ingredient plays in this formula.

But in truth, even though they are powerful when taken alone, these two formulas reinforce each other when taken together. And the same video that explains how the Liver Tincture works also explains how the Liver Flush Tea complements those benefits. Liver Tincture and Liver Flush Tea are used in Detox 4 of Jon Barron’s natural Detox Program.



Blood Support

The tag line for this product is “Herbal support for cleansing the blood.” Thus, the image used on this bottle is pretty simple: healthy, red blood cells. But there is much more to the story than that. To better understand how this formula optimizes your blood, check out Jon Barron’s video report on Blood Cleansing on the Baseline of Health Foundation website. Blood Support is used in Detox 5 of Jon Barron’s natural Detox Program.