Rebuild & Repair Formula Labels


Essential Relief®

This is the most powerful deep tissue, muscle oil formula of its kind in the world. As seen in the image, it works deeper than anything else you’ve ever used to relax, soothe, and assist with healing in seconds—deep down into your muscles and joints. 2-3 drops are all it takes for most areas. Just 5 drops will cover the entire lower back. There’s a reason we’ve sold over a million bottles of this formula. Check out the video.


Warp Speed®

Pleasure and brain energy you can feel in seconds—but without the stimulant effect you get from high caffeine drinks. Smooth, relaxed, brain energy to instantly counter post prandial dip, improve focus for work or study, and appetite control. As the image implies: May the force be with you.


Ever Young

Supports cell rejuvenation, glycation protection, cross link reversal, beta amyloid inactivation, and muscle and nerve biochemical balance. May nutritionally extend cell life and promote a younger appearance. The image on the bottle depicts a dividing cell—the point at which most cellular damage is introduced—and the point where Ever Young offers its greatest protection. Check out the video to better understand how Ever Young can help your body slow down the aging process.


Glucotor® v.2

Sugar/lipid metabolic enhancement formula with nutritional support for life extension. Quite simply, and as shown on the label, Glucotor (version 2), works to support and optimize your body’s ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and optimize glucose metabolism. Here’s a report that explains how each ingredient in the formula contributes to the end result. And here’s a video that explains the link between insulin, aging, and diabetes—and how Glucotor can break that link.





A systemic, proteolytic enzyme formula that helps support your cardiovascular system, speed up injury recovery throughout your entire body, reduces allergies, improves breathing, and assists in strength training. The image of the body on the label reflects the fact that pHi-Zymes and its healing properties are transported by your cardiovascular system into every nook and cranny of your body. And here’s a video that explains the profound advantages of supplementing with pHi-Zymes.


Probiotic Formula

Probiotic supplements promote the growth of beneficial bacteria to help overcome digestive disorders. Baseline Nutritionals' comprehensive Probiotic Formula offers a balanced spectrum of healthy bacteria to line every inch of your digestive tract for optimum intestinal health. The image reflects the fact that the right mix of beneficial bacteria makes for a happy intestinal tract. And here’s a videothat explains the three biggest myths about probiotics currently circulating on the net.


Triple Jointed

We can’t all be super-flexible gymnasts, but Triple Jointed just might make you think you can be one. Triple Jointed is the optimum cartilage regeneration and joint health supplement. In addition to nutritionally supporting the reduction of joint inflammation, it literally lubricates joints for easier movement. Click to see the video explaining how Triple Jointed supports your joints in five different ways.